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    Company History

    alloy & stainless piping logoAfter over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, a small group of colleagues decided to get together and form a company that respects its customers, vendors, and employees alike. This company would lead from a position of helping businesses of all sizes find the parts they needed at a fair price. The result of this decision was the formation of Alloy & Stainless Piping company in 2008.

    Alloy & Stainless Piping is comprised of a close-knit team that works to ensure businesses in the various industries we serve have a great experience by delivering excellent and timely service with a priority on customer service. Customer service is not just in the customer interactions that we have, but also is about finding the right vendors with quality products that customers rely on.

    We understand that our customers are very busy and rely on our product knowledge and accurate delivery time frames to confidently plan and execute their project. We have developed relationships with multiple vendor-managed stocking programs for our customers that are serviced at customer’s required interval: daily, weekly, monthly.

    We’re truly thankful for all our customers and the business they bring to us. You make us who we are today!


    Alloy & Stainless Piping, Inc

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